Call for an Independent Investigation

Call for an Independent Investigation After Racist Videos Surfaced at Pacifica High School

I am extremely disappointed and heartbroken to learn that the open display of racism and intolerance at Pacifica High School was not an isolated incident. The protracted nature of these conducts and failure to take appropriate action by the school district should not be tolerated.

As a former refugee and immigrant who had faced racist taunts and endured extreme violence at the hand of racists, I am troubled that this sort of intolerance has been allowed to go unaddressed by the school and district administrators.

The "recently" uncovered videos, perpetrated by former and current students over the period of years, shows clearly that this is not an isolated incident. This indicates a systemic underlying culture that should not be tolerated or simply swept under the rug.

I am calling for a full and independent investigation in order to hold those responsible accountable for their action. There are universal symbols of intolerance and bigotry, such as Nazism, that we all must categorically condemn as a matter of humanity.

I fear that if Garden Grove Unified School District does not act swiftly to reverse this clear trend of racist and bigoted behavior, it will empower and embolden the fringe racist elements in our community.

Check out the full article covering this story from the Patch here:

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