Face Coverings Mandate Not Passed - Vice Chairman Andrew Do's Statement

Face Coverings - Do's Statement


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Face Coverings Mandate Not Passed - Vice Chairman Andrew Do's Statement


During today’s Special Meeting, the Board of Supervisors did not approve the proposal to require food service workers to wear some sort of face covering at their workplace.

Here is a statement from Vice Chairman Andrew Do:

"Today, I proposed a County Order to require all food service workers in Orange County to wear face coverings – at grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, and all other food service establishments,” said Vice Chairman Andrew Do. “While my proposal was not adopted by the Board of Supervisors, I strongly feel that we need to be consistent with our advisory of wearing face coverings when in public. This advisory is especially necessary when it comes to people who handle our groceries and food. We have to look out for each other.”

Vice Chairman Do’s video statement on face coverings.